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Git Basics
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I will admit up front, there is a bit of imposter syndrome that comes with posting this, as I do not consider myself an expert in using git by any means.


Intune RBAC - How Intune Processes Multiple Assigned Roles
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TL;DR # Jump to the How Intune Evaluates Permissions from Multiple Roles section, and then review the Visualizing Multiple RBAC Assignments for a quick synopsis of the issue.
Bulk assign devices to iOS Enrollment Profiles in Intune
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TL;DR # This script can be used to do two things: get your iOS Enrollment Tokens and Profiles from your Intune tenant, and assign a list of devices to profiles using a csv input file.
Getting This Blog Online
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This post covers how I got this site up and running.
First Post
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The title is lie.


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Universal Settings to Consider # Remote State # Are you going to maintain a single state file or group linked modules/deployments to shared state files?
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High-Level Steps # Infrastructure: # A Virtual Machine with a Managed Identity Created the VM, an Public IP, an NSG/ASG to allow RDP A Resource Group for that Virtual Machine A Resource Group that Packer can use to create VMs A Resource Group where the Managed Images or VHD files are stored (opt) A storage account to store the vhd files Packer Configuration # Connect to VM (RDP) Install Choco Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process Set-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -Scope Process -Force; [System.