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Terraform Understand Keys
·1192 words·6 mins
Count / For_Each Recap # I previously wrote an article on when to use Count vs For Each loops.
Ignite 2023 - Recap and Reflection
·1179 words·6 mins
It’s been a couple weeks since Ignite wrapped up, I missed the opportunity to post that evening and between travel, life, and thanksgiving time has flown by.
Ignite 2023 - Day 2
·1988 words·10 mins
There is so much content about AI it’s a little mind-numbing to type out.
Ignite 2023 - Day 1
·1178 words·6 mins
Day one of the Microsoft Ignite conference, the word of the week is “Copilot”.
Azure, Terraform, GitHub and My Last Year
·1034 words·5 mins
I prefer to write posts that are topical, however I haven’t been writing anything in over a year so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem to spend some time writing a personal catch-up post.


Fix Slow Intune Deployments
·1073 words·6 mins
TL;DR Intune Apps and Settings can take between 20-30 minutes to deploy on new devices using standard deployment methods.
Terraform Comparing Count and For_Each
·1068 words·6 mins
When I was looking at building the module that could attach additonal disks to servers in azure I know I needed to support the ability to add and potentially remove data disks without the risk of losing data.
Terraform - Making Different Resource Types Based on Variable Input
·1734 words·9 mins
The biggest challenge I see people have with Terraform is around logic or conditions.
Terraform - Azure Managed Disks with For Each
·1204 words·6 mins
We have a use case with Azure where we want to support the ability to add, remove or resize additional data disks on a VM.
Azure Queue Storage Basics
·1859 words·9 mins
This post will cover the basics of setting up an Azure Queue and using APIs to interact with it.